Mother’s Day 2016-5776 CONTINUED!

This past weekend, we converged on Cleveland and braved the snow (yes, you read that correctly!) to celebrate my sister Dena’s graduation from the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University (TL:DR She’s a social worker). Friday night, as my father is wont to do when Estee and I come to Cleveland, invited a plethora of family friends over for Sha2016-05-15 16.09.21.jpgbbat dinner. As we transitioned from dinner into dessert, my father began speaking to the 20+ guests at our Shabbat table, something he doesn’t usually do. He thanked everyone there, and noted that while we were celebrating a truly joyous milestone, my mother’s absence was painfully obvious. He then told us how he had recently Googled “Sheila Radman Balk” and a picture came up on his screen, one he hadn’t seen before. This photo was from a gala for Lifebanc, an organization that promotes organ donation in Ohio. My mother was a volunteer for them, an organization that as a transplant recipient was near and dear to her heart (and her liver!). My father contacted the photographer and was able to get a high-resolution picture, and printed and framed it for me, my sister, and my aunt. We were shocked. I fought with every fiber of my being not to start bawling in front of everyone in the dining room. It was, and is, beautiful and absolutely perfect. As I was scared to bring it on the plane, it’s currently being housed in Cleveland for the time being. We’re not quite sure where the picture is going to be hung yet, but judging by how large it is, it will definitely be prominently featured in our home. Just to compare, on the left is my father’s iPad (NOT an iPad mini!). Thank you, Dad!


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